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Supporting All Sentients

Supporting all sentients
by David Dvorak

Waking up to free even more
   Backing off only when moment to strike not right
Acting out despite knowing of the existence of "moles"
   Endeavoring to release the innocent & re-educate the "blind"
Taking on the carelessly evil until their repentant surrender
   Giving into the fight with more than that which we have
Chasing after injustice far more than law
   Irritated more at the insensitively cruel
Heeding only to the rights of the innocent
   Not seeing an end to this fight coming any time soon
Angered more that added help also seen as terrorist
   Slaughtered masses only increasing with time
Struggle daily with these never ending images
   Trained to block our AR attempts as we train against theirs
Believing fully in their sentient rights to exist
   Ostracized by the shallow societal view of all opposed
Living with an extreme & increased fervor
   Pooling all resources whenever the need arise
Obtaining the tools as well as guided help
   Old ways now needing to leave post haste
Ostentatious in all attempts no matter how ill gotten their gains
   On full guard against even losing a cent
Dumfounded at how clueless they are at the damage
   Likening this only to the David & Goliath battle

2.11.14      -dmd

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