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Standing Up for Their Rights

Standing up for their rights
by David Dvorak

Praying for this war to end knowing it never will

Making our efforts more urgent than ever

Restraining from wringing their necks clean off

Avenging the fallen only one of our many goals

Equalizing the battlefields between human & animal

Rescuing any and all sentient & voiceless we can

Erratic in our moves and actions only to remain openly active

Keeping our hearts forever true to this cause

Missing many chances already to keep the voiceless safe

Idealistic vision of peace & safety for all only a pipe dream

Pleasing all from both sides of the issue also not possible

Naivety of the masses to this dire issue only proving their stupidity

Teaching any one with an open mind the truth behind this facade

Giving credit to those who fought the system even if jailed

Illicit affairs of the blood industries sadly still allowed by law

Tackling the issue even though deemed as criminals

Venturing out into the world despite how we are seen

Helping even with providing kennels and shelters when needed

Established to rescue, save and re-home all voiceless in want

Eclipsing these blood industries more and more with all we do

Sabotaging whatever else we find in our way

Treading on thin ice with all the security they choose to add

Taking baby steps & even walking on egg shells when needed

Analysis of all our detailed info only justified proof of where we stand

Reacting to the cries and screams of our animal brothers & sisters

Realization of their rights to live in peace our main concern

Ice pick driven through their skull what they really deserve

Gambit of necessary moves soon to be set in motion

Keeping clear of alarms and guards whenever possible

Embracing the fact the voiceless innocents need to be freed

Established more and more as the only way to go

Taking on whatever we come across

Surprising the establishments with all our secretive ways

Sending a message to all that we're always on alert

Never knowing our plans of when to attack

Alleviating the fear & stress the innocents are forced to endure

Entering this war with ever mounting support & aid

Sending in the A.L.F. troops only when desperately needed

Eliminating obstacles of anything standing in our way

Nailing the guilty inside their own coffins and graves

Disaster the blood industries brought down on themselves

Escaping from their facilities when security has been alerted

Eye opening atrocities found once we're able to break in

X-ing out whatever companies don't comply with our stance

Distracting security cameras and guards at every chance we get

Thrilling line of work freeing all voiceless we can

More petitions and added media reports still not all that's needed

Targeting whatever anti-animal rights companies or even events

Observing their methods, schedules & innocents before we strike

Objecting to their blood drawing & butchering practices even if by force

Returning to do the same, when they continue their practices

Giving full credit to all AR that came before me & any to come after

Efficiently releasing all innocents and voiceless we can

Obliterating tools, & computers that may still be used to fulfill their purpose


3,7,14                             ~ dmd

Message found on side using first letter of every other line':

Preemptive strikes needed more -Marking the targets as next to go”

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