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Smashing The Mirage

  "Smashing the mirage"
   by David Dvorak

                 Weakening the mirage put forth by the industries
              Rallying to begin the start of full animal freedom
                  Enriching the minds of those once fooled by this mirage
              Itching to get our hands on the guilty
                  Lying in wait to sabotage hunters
              Gradually making changes for the better
                  Faithfully staying true to the cause
              Hating that reality has caused us to resist and fight
                  Armed mainly with the tools needed
              Taking down fur farms, all hunting and stores
                  Rescuing creatures in water, air and land
              Summoning adrenaline fueled anger at times
                  Earth Liberation working with this same passion
              Mass destruction of land, water and life
                  This enraging activists activists world wide
              Opening doors of retribution only some deem needed
                   Hitting the guilty at near every stage of their evil deeds
              Resilient to the core against these archaic trades
                   Angered that so many remain blind to this mirage
              End that is desired motivating some to fight tooth and nail
                  Never wishing any animal to see hate more than kind

1.16.14                                                                                               -dmd

Starting with the first letter of the second line -do the same with every other line at the bottom take the opposite word and then do the same for the word above it Message - "Rights more than welfare"

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