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Slowly Gaining Ground

"Slowly gaining ground"
by David Dvorak

Destroying all remainder of soul
  Assembly of evils
Anchoring themselves to hell
  Bringing down as many as they can
Military "training" even falling under the same hell
  Under cover of darkness our prime time to strike
Attacking this bloody industry at every turn
  Slashing tires of any vehicles needed
Gated locations not stopping our actions
  Easily slipping past any guards or security
Educating these evils no longer possible

Not seen by them as wrong but only for profits
  Error of their evil ways not seen as new
Erasing ability to use their computers
  Tactfully smashing their equipment
Going fully against the grain
  Crashing crowbars & hammers throughout the labs
Leaving nothing behind but trashed goods
   Embracing aid from varied sources
Elevating this war to new found heights
   Raising awareness of the industries of blood
Creating freedom for the voiceless
   Animals freedom the one goal strived for
Terminating all possibilities of leaving anything useful

1.27.14     -dmd

Damage, abuse, neglect, etcetera the message on the side

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