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Shelter Animal
author unknown

I went into the shelter
to find myself a pet.
But what I didn't realize
was just what I would get.

I saw there many animals
of different shape and size.
And as I looked I noticed
That tears came to my eyes.

I couldn't take all with me.
I didn't have the space.
Room for one was all I had
And quickly wiped my face.

Taking in those longing looks
I pained to see such yearning.
Every face with eager eyes
Increased my depth of learning.

Here were souls in furry coats.
And every one deserving
Of happy, warm and healthy homes.
Lives well worth preserving.

Many still remain there
To hope another day.

With loving hearts and trusting ways,
For them, I could only pray.

But to the one beside me
Who then became my friend,
I give the best that I can give
And will until the end.

Please help me, if you're able
And adopt a homeless waif.
Find a spot, within your home
Where it's comfortable and safe.

Be purebred or of mixed breed
Whichever you can take,
I'm sure the one that lives with you
A difference s/he will make.

One life that won't be wasted.
One fewer soul dismissed.
And when your pet looks up at you
Consider yourself kissed.

You'll find you won't regret it.
So much more you'll get, than give.
Devotion, adoration, trust
and spirit glad to live.

The spirit of an animal
That but for you, might perish.
A soul of charm and innocence
A life for you to cherish.

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