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She Can See Me

by Anonymous J
Lifting my head for the very last time
To have it stomped down once again
All I see is concrete and crime
And all these evil, blood covered men
I fought to lift your head once more
But those men stomped on me too
I thought surely the others would see all the gore
But they just see your body as food
I know not what's next just that it's the end
Though I've thought of that each day
What's left of me is too broken to mend
But I think I'd rather stay
I've seen it all, to the end from commence
It always gets worse when it seems like it wont
Your life could be better it could all make some sense
I love you even though they don't
I've never known someone to care at all
I don't understand this place where we live
All I I know are cages that are far too small
But if someone cared just once, I think I'd forgive
I'm not quite sure how to explain what we do
Killing, wasting, stealing and hating
I wish you'd known that I cared about you
Before you're life was taken
They're coming for me now
I don't know if what I'm feeling is fear
I've felt this way always, but somehow
I know great pain is near
Your life was empty before it was real
No one to love, or miss when you die
To me you were so much more than a meal
I'll miss you, I'll mourn you, and I will still try

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