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Saying it like it is

Saying it like it is
by David Dvorak

Preying on those thought of as less
Ignorant, heartless, clueless & out for blood
Realistic belief in the truth & right for the voiceless to exist
Treating the innocent just as they are
Entering the hunt only to hunt the evil
Standing for those without a voice
Standing against the arrogant & cruel
Answering the cries of the abused
Engaging in most fights no matter the cost
Lingering screams reoccur envisioning the massacres
Nullifying future events of their demise
Listing of the clueless' contact info as of more places to strike
Taking on governments around the world battling the same
Into still another battle before the others end
Altering the bloody course of humanity's chosen path
Nihilistic views battling the societal norm
Their peace and freedom forever being our goal
Taken by many as only varied types of commodities
In place of their deaths, I will forsake my own
Holding back the carnivorous hordes from inflicting more
Omitting any 'trolls' found in every corner of the earth
Eliminating any further damage they may cause
Nothing else matters but the innocents' safety & freedom

2.20.14   ~dmd

Starting with the second line - message -"It's all in the presentation"

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