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Ruled to Engage

Ruled to engage
by David Dvorak

Amassing the aid from all they choose
      Denying the right for the innocent to exist
Society deeming them all as less
      Entering this battle with blood filled eyes
People self-placed as gods over all
      Never needing any more proof to act
Lying in wait & primed to strike
       Idolizing the dollar over lives of the innocent
Applying all means to thwart their moves
      Allured by power & lining their pockets with more
Undermining all attempts of these blood industries
       Believing it's all their right no matter the cost
Securing more and more by the day's end
       Is this the earth's expected end no matter what?
Items only and not actual lives to possess
        Laughing at our believing in rights of the innocent
Because we refuse to bow to this ideal
        Idyllic existing in peace a pipe dream
Leaving not much choice other than the direct
        Tortured as the death toll only grows
Entering these beliefs as truth in by any means
        Yielding to no court siding with this hell

2.11.14.             -dmd

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