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Ride to Death


by Janet Riddle
Straight through the traffic grind
the stench of feces trails behind
Breathing exhaust from the street
their lungs burn from the August heat

The truck pulls up into society
but their only hope refuses to see
Person after person pass on by
each the reason these animals die

Current choices should be in doubt
as pleading, terrified eyes peer out
Helpless animals utter tormented cries
to rescue them, no one even tries

They've only seconds to cause concern
to show us it is life they yearn
But how can they make us aware
especially when so few care

To justify our own greedy hand
we say they just don't understand
But see them as they fight to live
when human kindness isn't to give

Slaughter is their awaiting fate
innocent life ends on a simple plate
The ride of death pulls away
the forgotten live their last day

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