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Reversing Actions of the Soulless Blind

"Reversing actions of the soulless blind"
by David Dvorak

Worried for the countless souls
 Never to embrace freedom
Fighting the soulless blind
 Only to be labeled terrorists
This alone deters some from action
 This only fuels my fire to save more
If I must stand alone in this battle
 I will fight til tooth and nail
Growing concerns to be cautious
 As more are added to the list as enemies
None the less as the casualty list grows
 The battle only growing in fervor
Eyes going from filled with tears
 To being filled a crimson red
The law says its actions are just
 To free all animals is now even more a must
Like minded friends
 In countries near and far
Mere petitions not solving the matter
 Bloody visions flashing in my mind
The war is here and only now
 Do some uncover their eyes to the real truth
More now must be done to rescue innocent souls
 Come hell or high water this all will happen
Those reluctant to join the fight
 Leaving them only now as dead weight
Animals cry to be free
 Disease of humanity deadly silencing these cries
Following these soulless blind
 Willfully dousing their homes with the blood they shed
Government agencies all trying to combat the truth
 Combating us more than many evils
Looking to free these innocent souls
 Sending the responsible back to hell where they all belong
Exacting needed punishments without batting an eyelash
 Whether by slow torture or immediate death they will pay
Not one regret for these feelings or bloody massacre visions
 Not one regret ever given for these innocent victims
Not one regret for taking the lives of the guilty
 Not one regret if forced to spend time in jail or prison
Would gladly spend life in government custody
 For even one innocent soul to be free & safe

1.10.14         -dmd

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