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Repercussions' Set Into Motion

"Repercussions set into motion"
by David Dvorak

Raising hell for atrocities witnessed
    Sending the guilty running for fear
Enduring this hell no more
    Embracing vigilantism thoughts more & more
Pleased to hunt the guilty to the end
    Tossing personal fears aside
Eliminating animal abuse only to find more
    Idealistic fate of those guilty
Remaining legal only if through court
    Never relying on this corrupt system
Caring only for the voiceless
    Taking responsibility for inflicting justice
Utilizing anything at hand for this
    Offering the voiceless someone to stand up for them
Seizing every chance to give them a voice
    More cases of abuse occurring too often to count
Seeing it all & knowing most only turn a blind eye
    Others feeling the same as I do
Including my same intentions
    Taking on most of the outside public
Obtuse in their narcissistic god complex like feelings
    If only the world would believe all the truth,
Now despite their indifference we're forced to play our hand
    Obtaining freedom for the voiceless by force if needed
Speaking for them not all ways the only thing it takes
    Now taking the fight wherever these atrocities occur

The title can also be found in the first letter of every other line - "Repercussions set into motion".

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