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Reacting to Avenge

"Reacting to avenge"
by David Dvorak

Blood drenched floors existing throughout the gory places
   Silence is never possible as many voiceless are now at slaughter
Only wanting to avenge the fallen seeing their blood drenched faces
   Caged others sold only to be murdered for flesh or fur
Ignorant billions too blind or arrogant to accept this truth
   Reacting wiping all tears away while planning our justified attack
Liberating hundreds from cage or any wired death sentence booth
   Establishing connections to house & feed with more room in back
Initiating a full rescue and destruction of their killing center
   Assertive of the rights for all voiceless to be safe & unharmed
Not backing down and only returning to free more
   Militant if needed during the fights taking out their legs & arms
Giving more and more reasons to fight & break & enter
   Inaccurate of their knowledge of the rights of the voiceless innocents
Vindicating any & all innocent found using whatever's at hand
   Needing more to join, stand & fight for those who can't
Obscuring the truth only to profit from the society blind
   Going more than just the extra mile to free them all
Instigating verbal fights with the corporate whores & all their kind
   Freeing all we can with a raging fervor to answer the call
Criminals whenever we counter their calloused act
   Observing& recording their evils deeds despite what they say
Entertaining many ideas to pay all the guilty back
   Reason to continue this fight always to be seen every day
Leaving when release of animals & destruction of property are done
   Yearly death count constantly rising of animals on land, water, air and all
Effects of our actions shown mainly to the law whether we lost or won
   Opposing mindset to their cold hearted ways to the innocent large & small
Shredding their plans destroying computers
   Undaunted even at the thought of our own imprisonment or death
Seizing information of other animal mills to raid
   Taking on the entire world no matter their hideous anger & wrath
Alleged, accurately, of causing protests throughout
   Onset of their reasoning all shown with their “trophy” kills
Leaving no trace of our presence after we accomplish our tasks
   Hesitations not there of killing more, the guilty never even to feel any doubt
Interested only in the freedom of the voiceless & destruction of their gear
   Earnestly true to our core & fully committed to this cause
Vindicating the many kept to be experimented on for all these years
   Lending our time & help always without pause
Estimating the loss of both sides but still true to our cause
   Pleasing both sides never an option while both are set in their ways

3.5.14            ~dmd.


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