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Quack Quack

Here a quack, there a quack every where a quack quack.

-- a poem by our friend and supporter Dr. Leo Rebello

At the Quack Conference organised

By Quackery International

There were more than 10,000 quacks

All paid for by the "phamous" (p)harmaceuticals

I can repair your brain quack,

I can repair your heart quack,

I can repair your kidneys quack,

I can replace your knee quack,

I can operate your piles quack,

I can treat your pimples quack.

Quack-quack they did all morning

Then they all broke for lunch.

Over the lunch they did more quack-quack

With colas, beers and dead goats,

Chickens and ducks. Till a spoil-sport

Vegetarian quack reminded them that

They may get Bird Flu if they ate dead birds

Injected by Tamy Flu.

Afternoon session of quacks

Consisted of further quack-quack.

First spoke Cancer quack,

Then spoke Diabetes quack,

Then spoke Hypertension quack.

The Asthma quack carried his

Pump and went on quack, quack, quack

Till a young quack snatched

His pump to make him stop his quack.

At the Valedictory session spoke a

Spiritually evolved quack of

Body, Mind and Spirit Holism.

But the "spare parts dealers" not accustomed

To such quack started walking away

Uttering quack-quack, quack-quack.

Here a quack, there a quack

Everywhere a quack-quack

Sang the slum children outside

The Quack-Quack conference venue.

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