by Graeme Hooley
[email protected]

These four walls my prison
for a short time they will be,
these cages stacked up high
beside a chemical factory
Sounds...Just like a pet shop
echo down the halls,
but cries of pain and suffering
can be heard behind the walls

One at a time they take us
somewhere far away,
through those big blue doors
where there's no light of day
Do they take my brothers?
And sisters to their new homes?
And what is in those black bags?
Into the garbage they are thrown

Here comes the tall man in white
oh please sir play with me,
he opens my cage door
and for a short time I am free
I wonder what the game will be.
What game will we play?
And will I see my mother
some time later today?

Down the hallway
through the doors,
please tell me mister
Am I now yours?
On a bench top I am placed
and strapped down really tight,
I cannot move at all
no matter how hard I fight

What is this place
of torture, sin and pain,
thoughts of panic and fear
race wildly through my brain
The burning, the stinging
Why do you do this to me?
This is no way to treat
a little Beagle puppy

"Settle down little fellow"
The tall man softly says.
Please make the pain go sir
I wish that I were dead
If an animal is destroyed
for attacking a human man,
How can a man kill an animal?
Time and time again

It is for research so you see
to make our medicines safe,
'Cause I know we're all sick

In this "The Human Race".

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