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Punishment Impending

by David Dvorak

Animal abusers best to take heed for their punishment impending

Embracing the joy & profound effect of when shit hits the fan

Every very justified type of evil in existence we're utilizing

Securing many bodies left and right with ground mounted lance


Acceptance of this constant abuse & death to be followed never

Wishing these industries full annihilation still they ask us to be compliant

Abject philosophy they believe as necks of many sentient are severed

These same sentients looking to us all unable in this hell to be reliant


Gambit of this sickening game only ending in violence

Without moral reason they still inflict these sentient with acts so cruel

Crying like children at their losing money with their pity party violins

Screaming in terror with blood soaked hands only playing the fool


Violence truly & only being used as a last resort

Forced many times to take this right to they're front door

Laws of government continually regarding this illegal in court

Seeing the same cruelty no matter the area be rich or poor


Deeming this profound injustices as evil by any means to be erased

Delivering blow after blow to them bringing their evils to light

Treating their ignorance as only acts of pure terror til their released

Testing our will & patience as more acts as these only add to the fight


Reluctance by any to act seen as agreeing with this hell

Responding to the sentient cries only few step forward

Esprit de corps felt by many in this cause slowly as the more they tell 

As more join this fight we strive to move the finale more toward

12.25.14                                                                     ~dmd

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