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Poetry for Animal Lovers

By Amy-Le Owens
Paperback, 46 Pages

A selection of controversial poems which target various animals, and how the way we live our lives determines their wellbeing. An eyeopening experience which may cause people to second think their ability to call themselves "animal lovers". Issues addressed within this book include - strays, the ivory trade, the fur industry, the dairy industry and many more. A must read for all those who pride themselves on thinking outside of the box. One thing is for sure, true animal lovers will reach the end of this book, determined and inspired to live a more compassionate life. This book includes "The hunt" a poem acclaimed by Dr Brian May, which has been shared on his anti-hunt website. "My freedom" which was praised by Virginia McKenna - actress and founder of the born free foundation. "Bear bile" a poem commended by Dr. Jill Robinson - founder of Animals Asia - which has since been turned into a song

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