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Poetic Animal Justice, by Barbara Pupak

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Mission: "To give a voice to the neglected, abused and tortured animals of the world and to enlighten all people of the horrors committed in the animal-human arena"

Animals can't write books or take pictures or defend themselves. They can't reveal to sympathetic persons the horrors inflicted on them by humans. Most people aren't even aware of what really goes on in the animal-human arena. They can't relate that the packaged steak or chicken or seafood on the attractive market shelves came from the food chain underworld. Rarely are the pains and screams and tortured deaths of those meats on the dinner table considered at mealtime.

All God's creatures large and small

beautiful runners to those that crawl

Were put on earth for a life-like reason

not to have a killing season

Does that gentle, helpless farmyard beast

deserve to be some family feast

Did our mighty, loving Lord ordain

that for man's appetite they be slain

Or is there something we're overlooking

much more compassionate than for cooking

Could it be every animal deserves a life

free from the cruel fork and knife

Wouldn't man be a kinder, loving winner

eliminating his animal friends for dinner

Barbara Pupak

Author / Photographer / Animal Advocate

Born in New York City, Barbara R. Pupak presently resides in Brentwood, TN with her husband Lee and their puppy mill rescues, Bijou and Monet.

For two decades she has traveled throughout North America photographing farm life and our natural environment. Her picture taking awakened her to the shockingly barbaric life of farmed animals and her growing empathy for these defenseless victims changed the direction of her career. Barbara now acts as an advocate devoting one hundred percent of her life and camera to putting an end to animal abuse. Her photographs have become an important tool in exposing the torture these animals endure simply for human consumption and manufacturing.

Much of her photographic work is donated to animal welfare organizations around the country. She also assists state authorities by documenting inhumane behavior of farm animals and live-stock within the state of Tennessee.

Barbara describes herself as incredibly lucky to have found her true life's passion. She says that discovering what mark your life is supposed to make on this earth allows you total commitment to a cause and that, she feels, is her gift.

Barbara earned a degree in photography and studied fine art, graphic design and journalism.

Dog-cat-what bird is as bright

if you guessed chicken you'd be right

Even the expression wise old owl

can very well read wise old fowl

Hens protecting their young are admired

a verse in the gospels they inspired

They love roosting up in a tree

when not roasting by KFC

A social animal, they have a family life

if they don't face the fork and knife

The cruelty inflicted by men to men

is not the same page as men to hen

Entire lives in crates or filthy shed

they wait for mercy to be dead

Non-laying hens are taken from the coop

and serve mankind in chicken soup

Or ready for this, you'll have no hunch

they are boned and canned for school lunch

Scalded birds, mutilated birds, "hey Perdue"

tortured birds, feces-laden birds, "what's the matter with you"

Millions of birds get no legal protection

if they were citizens there'd be an insurrection

So do as you wish to that tasty bird

their cries will never by the hungry be heard

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