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by David Dvorak

Making the shots count whenever needed
Endeavoring to bring the animal cruelty to an end
Anticipating the end not to arrive any time soon
Venturing wherever the battles may form
Taking on more like minded souls as we go
Eliminating barriers of opposition no matter the cost
Tears flowing when thinking of all of the horrors we've seen
Needing the world to see the lies they've been led to believe
Establishing that serious lines have been far more than crossed
Militant on both sides, we've reached the uncrossable
Resolving never to bend or break & give in to the blood industries
Offering freedom to as many caged that we are able to release
Onlookers hardly knowing or accepting the full reason for our attacks
Resistant to the brainwashing of the billions of the clueless masses
Frenzy of actions already taken still not enough to win this war
Earning their place in hell, animal abusers evil for all the damage they cause
Packed cages full of animals of all kinds existing only in warehouses
Training our eyes to look for the abused, abandoned or even next to die
Eager to see this madness end, we continue to fight for countless lives
Holding firmly to the goal of seeing all innocents free and safe
Reacting without a second thought when an innocent's cry is heard
Alleviating countless innocent lives of the increasing pain & death
Sabotaging equipment and computers used for these cruel industries
Nihilistic in many of my own beliefs, knowing drastic changes must occur
Preventing more of these same atrocities before they can take place
Justifying our actions by how many innocent voiceless we can save
Enriching the minds of many to the needless slaughter of millions
Using even whatever tools may be at hand to drive home this needed point
Creating doors where walls once remained, we free others marked for death
Stating the facts & ensuring as many voiceless are left in peace
Teaching others along the way & opening more eyes to the truth
Taking matters into our own hands, whenever the many needs arise
Instilling fear in the hearts of all those opposed & hope in the hearts of others
Identified wrongly as terrorists or those harboring ill will towards any
Verifying nothing is left behind so that more can be done without problem
Negotiations not possible with those seeking only to line their pockets with more
Escalating circumstances causing our movements to be done at night
Animals sadly rarely permitted just to live their lives in peace & unrestrained

4.5.13 -dmd
*Message on side starting with the letters in bold and then the remaining letters
~ "Even more than just in a matter of perspective"

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