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Paint Her Divine
By Linda Beane

Look at her, will ya?
Standing there so proud.
Wearing someone else's skin.
Dead animals draped over her body.
Pieced together furry flesh.
Heads, tails, and paws hanging lifeless,
Blood stains covered with satin linings.
Sterilized orifices clasped around shellacked "snout" buttons.
A burial plot for the anguished.
This fur coat is nothing but class.
I `d say its a Red Fox,
About 42 red fox to be exact.
Disposable lives feeding vain egos.
126 trash animals dead, too.
Leghold traps aren't choosy.
Discarded, their suffering irrelevant.
2,520 hours spent in traps.
So she can have a coat.
Look at her, will ya!!!
Standing there so proud.
Anyone got some spray paint??
I'd like to paint a picture.

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