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This poem is dedicated to animal lovers everywhere. Especially those wonderfully caring people who go that extra mile and spread the plight of abused and neglected animals throughout the world. It is their dedication that inspired me to write the following words. - Judi Whittaker  2002  

One More Voice
I wish that I was so inflamed to set the world on fire,
To feel so much intensity, to have so much desire.
To feel such passion deep within, I'd want to so inspire
The world to feel the same as me, so they'd be lifted higher.

Across the miles of cyber space for all the world to see,
I'll plead the cause for wildlife, with words of poetry.
From coast to coast, from sea to sea, this now will be my plea,
"Protect the rights of animals, please help to set them free."

To fight the cause for innocence, in verse, is now my plan.
And I will add my voice to theirs, and help where e'er I can,
To all four corners of the earth, such cruelty we must be ban,
The senseless death of animals wrought by the hands of man.

One more voice now will be heard, I'll do my best to write,
With pen in hand instead of sword, my voice will join the fight.
One more voice inspired now, to aid their helpless plight,
The written word is stronger than the sword or bullet's might.
One more voice.
The animal pictures above are not photographs as you would suppose. They are just some of the incredible art work of wildlife painter Carl Brenders.


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