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Of Morbid Adieu

Of morbid adieu
by David Dvorak

Liberation often the latest form of love
Igniting a fire within true AR
Giving more of pure adrenaline
Halting evils seen 24/7
Taking back freedom from the corrupt

Altering the bloody course near set in stone
Night and day this flame's only grown
Drawn from the passion of the caring

Restoring life to as it should
Utilizing anything at hand
Nearing only another battle from the last

Leaving once all have been freed
Idiot trade of torture & slaughter of the pure in heart
Keeping only their innocence in mind
Exchanging pasts of death with reality of life

Hearing the future of peace
Elimination of evil our hope
Liberation done even if by force
Light and run like hell!

1.13.14     ~ dmd

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