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No One Ever Said

by Emma Murphy

Why did no one tell me
When I was two, or four or eight,
Of the misery that was regularly
Served up on my plate?

Why did no one mention
When I was seven, six, or five,
That the sausage, beef and bacon,
Once used to be alive?

How come no one spoke about
The blood, the fear, the pain,
The abuse of precious animals
For profit and for gain?

Questions were avoided,
Discussions were taboo,
Replies were vague and rushed except
"Eat up it's good for you."

When I learnt how much they suffered
It truly broke my heart.
Mutilations, rape and death,
And families torn apart.

I vowed that day I'd never
Eat another soul again,
I wish that what I know right now
Had been told to me back then.

For however much I tell myself
I really didn't know,
I have this guilt and sadness
That I know will never go.

Meat and eggs and dairy
Are cruelty on a plate,
The abuse of countless millions
Who don't deserve their fate.

If I could turn the clock back
Then I never would have eaten
The innocent, the tortured souls,
The terrorized, the beaten.

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