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No More Time

"No more time"
by David Dvorak

Time to negotiate is over
Name calling has never worked
In time, maybe they will come to agree
Employing actions more direct
Making people take notice
Gone are the days of giving a fuck
Entering each day with new found awareness
Obtaining needed info and needed tools
Taking on one evil after the next
Too many times to count
Often so much feeling physical pain
Intro to only fighting back more extreme
Military style tactics taken against many of our own
Atrocious actions & their arrogant excuses
Allowing this go on never a chance
Thrilled at the chance to save even one
Keeping the rescued safe at all times
Itching to strike out at more of these "hells"
Equal chances at life never being given to them
Others still to come, starting their own "hell"
"Tough enough" to inflict the damages
No heart in hurting the voiceless
Heroes only to the ones who matter
Seething rage watching more still suffer
Eyes open to all around
Observing to not leave any trace
Making their way into the "hell" by any way possible
Venturing to say these "hells" will never end
Placing the cold-hearted industries falsely at the top
Encouraging friends and family to only kill as the same
Answering the cries of the near forgotten
Rallying around those rescued
Yelling out cries for more to act likewise

1.24.14    ~dmd

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