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by SeaWolf

Inside that net does one tiny fish swim
Wonderin' what then may become of him
For into that net he swam without thought
Yet now he swims 'round a'thinkin' he ought

All will be well so says his mind
All will be well is all he can find
All his thoughts are of naught but fun
All of his days a'swim in bright sun

Surely there must be a way from this net
Surely from this net I have to so get
Surely I am no great catch o'the sea
Surely such fisherman shall let me go free

'Round 'round 'round does he swim
'Round 'round as daylight grows dim
Into dark night this tiny fish swims
Caught in that net of one fisherman's whims

As time slipped past so then did it happen
That fisherman's net was so found a 'flappin'
Off off away one tiny fish sped
Never lookin' back... no feelin' o'dread

Inside that net now does another fish swim
Wonderin' what then may become of him

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