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Needed Evil Returned in Extreme

"Needed evil returned in extreme"
by David Dvorak

Blowing nothing of their atrocities out of sheer proportion
Fighting off one disease of humanity after the next
Leaving everything to mere chance no longer an option
Preceding their very own words by a cloud of being hexed

Now even bringing the fight against those guilty by association
Self-desensitized beyond full repair due to their countless atrocities
Blinded by their evil moving without waiver further into full digression
Pulling more direct action putting more sentient minds at ease

Watching more than too much time pass for all caring to act
Ill advised government supporting sentient anguish without stop
Be aware this is more a thought of penalty but a means to an end fact
Reconstructing the A.R. version of the devil's workshop

Blood industries & their ill gotten gains now best take heed
Sheer destructive retribution now bringing A.R. activists to smile
Those guilty forced to watch their back as payback takes the lead
All karma to take soon to fruition maybe even taking a while

The decimation of these evils preparing for come what may
Fiery coldness seizing hold as if running on a bad medicated ride
Now wishing to filet theses guilty in entirety for all to display
All these industries' now unable for their evils to hide

Those "claiming" love of animals but putting inaction in front
Now adding insult to injury to those truly making needed change
Direct actions taken all serious when seen as more than stunt
Evil blood hungry cowards only now needing to step in firing range

1.27.16. -dmd

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