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Monkey See? and Food Forethought

Wayne K. Tolson

Monkey See ?

Can you look deep into my eyes,
and tell me what do you see ?
Am I just another throw away life,
with all this hurt built up inside of me ?

Can you look deep into my fear,
and do you see my pain ?
Am I just another tortured soul,
used by this sadist for his scientific gains ?

Can you look deep into my short life,
and will I die on the first try ?
Am I just another of the " lucky " ones,
to be blinded by the suturing of my eyes ?

I do not ask to be here.
I was once alive and free.
Now just a horrific experiment,
born with no eyes for me to see.

I do not ask to stay here.
I am caged and I am maimed.
Found out there are others like me,
who will soon be forced to face the same.

I do not ask for you to think,
of whose this twisted mind.
Found out torture is allowed,
if you say it is for all mankind.

Soon the research will end,
and my freedom realized.
Finally the day I have longed for .......

The day I am euthanazied.

In memory of all animals who have died in senseless experiments.
May they now be at peace.

Wayne K. Tolson

Food Forethought

Think of me tonite..
For that I give my life.
Was it for the good of all,
or was it just a waste to be carved by the butcher's knife ?

Think of me tonite..
For that which you savor.
Did it give you something real,
or could you taste the pain of my death in it's flavor ?

Think of me tonite..
For the time I was here.
Did you know how short it was,
or that the days were filled with torture, anguish, and fear ?

Think of me tonite..
For that which has been said.
Was your dinner worth it's price,
or was your craving to have meat really worth me dead ?

Wayne K. Tolson

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