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Modern China

Modern China
Neon flashing lights,
Brighten the bustling streets,
Advanced technology so cheap,
Cameras, watches, computers,
An endless list of items,
Shoes, handbags, clothes,
All made in China,
A super power some say.
But look more closely,
See modern china today,
The largest polluters of our environment,
Billowing clouds of smoke,
From the coal industries,
They refuse to halt.
What of the suffering?
To produce cheap goods,
No thought for animal welfare,
Humane treatment or empathy,
Raw material quickly,
Money, money, money!
Game shows for entertainment,
Fry a fish alive,
The winner proclaimed,
Gills still moving,
Intense pain before it dies.
Reptiles fair no better,
In their sadistic games,
Live reptiles placed in the mouth,
Heads bitten off,
To cheers and shouts,
Snakes too large to swallow,
Alive, pulled from their skins.
Take Chinese medicine,
Crushed bones of tiger,
Taken from the wild,
Aphrodisiac of rhino horn,
Or, bear bile on tap.
Mammals piled in cages,
Tortured in every conceivable way,
Smell the fear, the sight, the sound,
Burnt, boiled and skinned alive,
Thrown on a pile,
Naked, blinking, helpless,
Ten agonizing minutes left to die.
Sarah � In memory of all the animals that have died a sadistic, barbaric death
               in China

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