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Lifelessly Still

by David Dvorak

Crudely ruined & sadly behaving without a soul

Thinking the same as most giving up control

Compliance giving in to no one registering most as idiots

Consuming animals seeing any other way as pointless & rigid

Public society only behaving how the world to raise them to

Restless because all I desire is their bloody death as do you

Relaxation not possible when I know all that lies in wait

Wretchedly heartless always adding insult to injury as their fate

Reacting to their coldness ripping them apart limb from limb

Giving no one credit only picturing them lifelessly still & grim

Holding back to not incur more wrath on this cause not on my mind

Knowing the timing to free most sentients needs to be exact as timed

Leaving many with less ways to continue of going for their death

Sternly never doubting our cause, determined to fight til my last breath

12.20.14           ~ dmd

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