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Life through a Pit Bull's Eyes

You breed me to be strong,
Now you think you were wrong.
I am man's best friend,
Now you want me to meet my end.

I live to protect the ones that I love,
I'm the best of my breed a step above.
I'm as good as you raise me to be,
I was not born evil can't you see.

I come in different shapes, sizes, and colors,
I'm here to serve my master just like all the others.
My master loves me as if one of their own,
When I walk by there side or fetch a bone.

Here is a little history about my kind,
Always keep these facts in the back of your mind.

I lived in the white house with a President named Teddy,
During the 1st World War, I was an American symbol can't you see.
Sgt. Stubby was the most decorated war dog and this is no lie.
I even lived with the little Rascals once upon a time,

I've lived with the brightest man ever known,
Thomas Edison he created the light bulb,
Now that I've given you some history about my kind,
Let me get back to what's been on my mind.

I feel for people, who have been attacked,
But you can't put all the blame on my back.
For I'm a creature put on God's great earth,
No knowledge of love or hate before my birth.

Why do you blame us all for a few bad ones?
Do you hate your children because of a few bad sons?
One day I hope you'll realize,
For it's you that has hate in your eyes.

It's not up to you to wipe out a breed,
For only God has the power to do that deed.
So just remember as I run along,
It's not my breed, but your perception that's all wrong.

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