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 I am a poet/artist based in London and affected by animal suffering, Please find a poem of mine (parody of Blake) with a serious message underneath. I want to help the cause in so many other ways, please publish the poem if you can and let me know the contacts for London based person.
      regards.  Durlabh Singh.


Little lamb who made thee? 

Dost thou know who trade thee?

Give thee death and cut thy throat

Butchered thee in meadows

Skinned thee in the moat

Give thy hide for clothing & delight

Soft clothing woolly and bright

Give thee such a tender voice

That no one heard thy death cries.


Little lamb who naileth thee

Dost thou know who impaleth thee?


Little lamb I will tell thee

Little lamb I will tell thee

He is called man by the name

But is disguised as devil by frame

He is weak he is mild

As far as mammon is bribed

He will sling thee on counter to trade

And eat thy pieces for his mid-day break.


Little lamb God bless thee

Little lamb God bless thee.


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