by Rebecca Burke


If fox hunting is a sport pardon me for being rude
How the hell can I compete if I'm running away from you?
Oh I see! The game you've decided is to chase me to my death
I'm such a good sport as you merrily witness my last tiny breath

I thought for a change we could turn this game around
Change the rules, let me unleash lions onto your hounds
Whimpering in fear as you realise all animals are the same
You should care about me as much as them if this is a fair game

Let me chase you, snap at your heels hear my vicious growl
Await your own savage killing, who's laughing now?
Allow me to blow my own trumpet as you lose your final chase
The more I think about it this is an obscene and unequal race!
You trot into my habitat you dare to hunt me down
I will trash your silver spooned mansion drive you into the ground!

Cut to the catwalk a vain model wears my fur to cover her bones
Her repulsive ego parades me like a trophy she owns
But hey this is fashion, fur is back it seems
I hope my skinned bloody corpse haunts all her dreams

Ladies and Gents this imbecile shot me flying through the sky
Think I'll randomly gun them down, a spontaneous drive by
Holding them high in the air I can gleefully shout
As lacking in manhood I've little else to wave about

I'm so proud of ending an innocent life in a blaze of glory
Though my neglected family may tell you a different story
Karma is good all things turn themselves round in the end
You won't know when but believe me you'll get it my friend!

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