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Do You Remember Me?
by Tiger
"This was written shortly after I treated a dying cat who,
from all indications, had been dumped."

I remember when you loved me, when you held me
in your arms and snuggled me.
I remember when you stroked me and kissed me
and told me how handsome I was.
I remember how you used to brush my coat and wipe
me down with a soft cloth.
I remember sleeping next to you in a big bed,
lying on your pillow beside your sweet smelling hair.

I remember the toys you bought me,
how you played with me; oh! What joyful fun!
I remember how every morning I would purr
and gently touch your cheek with my soft paw to awaken you.
I remember your sweet smile, and how you would sing out
 "good morning, my precious", when your eyes opened.
I remember the delicious food you used to give me,
how there was always plenty to eat.

I remember how very much I loved you, adored you, worshiped you!
Do you remember me?

I remember when you brought the man home and introduced him to me.
I remember that you said he was your husband; that you loved him and that he would love me, too.
I remember that the man did not smell like a cat lover, but that if you loved him, then I would try to love him, too.
I remember that the man was loud and he would frighten me with his hard footsteps.

I remember that the man was not cruel to me,
 but indifferent to me as I begged him to stroke me.
I remember when the man said cats do not belong
 in the bedroom and then I no longer was allowed to sleep on your pillow.

I remember how I missed awakening you every morning.
Do you remember me?

I remember when you came home one day with a sweet smelling bundle in your arms.
I remember you held it gently, snuggled it closely
 and told me that it was your baby and that you loved it.
I remember thinking that if you loved it, I would love it, too.
I remember being curious about it and sniffing it often,
 for it smelled like you, but it was small like me.

I remember the man being fearful as I sniffed the baby.
 The man said that I would hurt the baby.
I remember being put outside, where I had never been before,
 and it scared me so badly!
I remember sitting on the porch,
 crying and begging you to let me back inside.
I remember that you never came to the door to let me in.

I remember that night when the other cats came,
 they watched me from the darkness and hissed at me.
I remember that I was so afraid they would hurt me;
 I had no claws and could not defend myself!
I remember huddling miserably against the door at night;
 afraid, and lonely.
I remember the man saying that I kept him awake at nights
 with my cries, so I had to go away.

I remember you putting me into a box,
 and that you would not even meet my eyes.
Do you remember me? 

I remember being tossed from the moving car,
 box and all; and how much it hurt hitting the hard ground.
I remember escaping from the box and having no idea at all
 as to where I was; where you were.
I remember waiting there, for days, hoping you would come
 and save me.
I remember being hungry, thirsty, lost, alone, and afraid.

I remember looking for food, being so hungry,
 rummaging in garbage cans for something to eat.
I remember other cats chasing me, scratching me,
 and biting me because I was in their territory.
I remember trying to find you; scent you on the breeze.
 And I could not sense you anywhere.
I remember running and looking for you;
 running until my paws bled.

I remember how my once glossy coat became matted and dull;
 my once robust body, gaunt from hunger.
I remember the monster with the very bright eyes
 as it swooped down upon me in the road.
I remember the pain, horrible pain and the feel of my blood
 as it ran from my mouth.
I remember not being able to move;
 my legs did not work anymore.

I remember needing you more than I had ever needed you before in my life. And yet you did not come.
I remember how very much I loved you as I lay there dying alone, afraid, and in terrible pain.

Do you remember me?


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