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I Have a Dream

 by Cirila Toplak
I have a dream
I dream of a world
Where all living beings are free
Where dogs and cats are certified therapists
Where UN has become the United Species Organisation
Where wildlife is sovereign
Where sheep and cattle are sacred and hens are just birds
A world of people
Who take pride in speaking animal languages
I won't see it
But by the end of this century
Animal slavery will be history
Animals of company will have health insurance and pensions
Retirement homes will be built
For old people and old dogs and old cats
To fade away gracefully
Emitting gentle energy of symbiosis


Dr. Cirila Toplak
Izredna profesorica / Associate Professor
za družbene vede / Faculty of Social Sciences
v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana
Kardeljeva ploščad 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,

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