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Humane Killing

Humane Killing (02-2012)
by Renata-Laura Vegalante

What part of humane does 'humane killing' mean?

The love of their friends and families,

Joy to see the sun, if they have this natural right,

To play and run, if they have this natural right.

They share the sun with us, they own their legs, not us.

Humane killing, from one herbivore to kill another.

Anxiety, panic attacks, deprivation of a loved one, mother,

Baby or best friend, often inseparable.

Trying to escape, dreaming of a kinder place.

Confinement, physical coercion, overwork of work which does not belong, objectification.

Extreme boredom. Extreme loneliness, terror and pain. Illness, disease, fragility.

Empathy over friends or babe suffering.

This is the 'humane' nature of killing, the feelings.

These are the feelings that demonstrate loss, mercy and compassion.

So tell me, what part of humane does 'humane killing' mean

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