by Heidy Coon


After an unlife

Their failing health

Condemned in filth

Belly-high shit depth

What’s left?

Slaughter house stress

Even resulting in

‘Hot death’

It’s metabolic

Flesh liquifies in panic

Terrified pigs- shit & vomit

Humans despotic

Mmmmmm, bacon logic

We’re diabolic

High temperature, low ph state

Rapid growth, quick slaughter weight

They’re slated abominable fate

Scared dead pig for your plate

Killing floor heart failure

More so a favor

Spares them the horror

Of violent slaughter

Mass pig murder.

The New York Times ran an article about slaughterhouses, meat production, & pigs.

They reported that pigs are …’so terrified by what happens to them in slaughterhouses that many suffer a metabolic condition in which their flesh actually liquefies’….

This hypermetabolic state generates excessively high temperatures & low pH’s that damage muscle cells, & even leads to heart failure.

This metabolic meltdown results in malignant hyperthermia, or “hot death”.

The article is not about animal rights, it is about how asshole extraordinaire & interior murder house designer, Temple Grandin, crawls around ‘like a pig’.

The animal-eating ‘Dr’ does this in order to create a less stressful environment for those that are prodded & kicked to move to the kill floor.

The author stresses the importance of calming deathrow pigs because stress ruins the taste & texture of their corpses.

There is even an implemented genetic program to ‘breed anxiety before slaughter’ out of pigs.

Fucking really?


Joseph mengele-esque

Oh, it isn’t?

Oh, that’s offensive?

My bad.

I forgot…they’re just animals.

In surreptitiously filmed Minnesota slaughterhouse video, terrified pigs are visibly shaking before they are murdered.

Wide eyed, whites showing…they’re frozen in fear.

Given their high intelligence…

The pigs moving through the chute & murder line….

Imagine, if you can, one hundred & fifty 3-5 year old humans, being prodded to move down the same line,

kicked out of a chute…then, awaiting their turn on a kill floor.












Oh, yeah.

My bad.

They’re just animals…too.


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