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A Poem in Hope of a Second Chance
by Melanie

The sweetest cat I'll ever know,
that is sadly, and unfortunately on death row.

Sitting candidly, happily in a cage all night, all day.
I almost wonder if he was or wasn't happier outside,
 free on his own as a stray.

I'll never understand why this world is so cruel,
how people can just create and terminate life

as if it's this entire universe that we rule.
It disgusts me; it's not fair.

No one else seems to, but even if I'm the only one... I care.
So let this be a poem in hope of a second chance

--a second chance to the wonderful faded orange bobtail
whose presence still lingers in my mind and

whose soft fur still caresses my fingers...
and let it be a second chance to the Earth...

that we don't euthanize her, too.

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