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Chris DeRose on Soldier Killing Puppy

Message From Chris DeRose On Soldier Video

This is How the Puppy Dog Felt, I wrote a Poem "Helpless" by Sebastciaun T. Censtcuriaus


Helpless, to feel helpless as I look over that endless cliff!
Helpless, as I reflect the tyranny of this hand
 of evil that swifts me up!
 as I whine my inner fears
 towards this tyranny of tears!

Why have I succumb to this Evil mans grip
 as I lay helpless into his Grip?
Why am I here in this moment and time
about to lose my life at the flick of this Evil Slip?
Why would I be at this moment and time
 to forever be flung into
 this cliff of never ending depth?

What is it I must've done to remain helpless in this world!
 Why am I to remain helpless in this God Forsaken World?!

Why does no one help me?
 Why am I crying before I lay dying?
Will someone lend me a tear?!
 Will anyone hear my innocent tear?
Will anyone care that I am a meaningless beast?

Oh my last thought what shall It be before I am flicked
 across this vastly dip of seemingly endless hills?!
 Shall he wait any longer I fear that I am nothing in his ear!

Maybe, One day
 someone will hear my helpless and innocent Tear!

Sebastciaun T Censtcuriaus

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