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Guillotine Needed


Guarding against more occurrence of their demise
 Upstaging any attempt by any authorities to stop our efforts
Ichabod like fear coursing through their veins
  Lynch mob mentality when we hear of more cruelty exposed
Lifeless corpses of dead voiceless scattered through our dreams
  Only to wake up and see the nightmare as our reality
Taking on more than we can handle at times
  If only at least one more saved our hope
Never to rely on lies of the society fed media again
  Evil coming in from all corners of the earth

Needing more direct actions then ever before
  Escaping this public mindset of icy ignorance near impossible now
Enjoying news of extremist attacks on furriers, hunters and all alike
  Denying their lame excuses only to hunt and kill again
Embracing new found freedom the rescued voiceless rejoice
  Desperate to release more still our main focus

1.31.14.    ~dmd 

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