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Dialogue from God to Man on Animal Slaughter

Dialogue from God to Man on Animal Slaughter
(c) Andrew Pell 08/11/2012

I cry when I look down and see the sheep you kill.
Only for your stomach to fill,

How barbaric and atrocious is this act
Divine punishment will I enact.
How they suffer needlessly.

Why can't my animals be free?
Does it fill you humans with such glee?

Animals are part of my family as well.
Yet you murder them and their carcass you sell.

Are you so arrogant to think you are the only ones that I love.
Do I not love the beasts in the fields and the birds that fly above.

Stop this needless slaughter and toxic greed.
Show my love to the animals, be merciful I plead.

Love all life and be at peace.
If you don't the suffering and violence will only increase.

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