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Fur: Russian Sable

Fur: Russian Sable
by Laura Templeton

It's not a fashion

It's not a trend

It's not a style

Please make it end

It's only torture

It's only crime

It's only murder

It's about time

Death to all

Make us fall

Fur isn't for trade

Keep us warm

They feel more than you do

So you wouldn't know

Pain and suffering

As far as that goes

You wouldn't wear this shit

If only you knew

You wouldn't think of it

If they weren't products to you

Living breathing products

Look up "Russian sable", what will you find?

Made in humanity

One of a kind

Scarves, Shawls, Hate, Pain,

Gloves, Belts, Insane,

Blood, Fear, it's all the same.

Coats, Fur, Bloody shame

Fur isn't for trade

Death isn't in this season

Suffering isn't a great trend

Please I plead you, make it end

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