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Full Sentient Liberation is the Only Cause

Full Sentient Liberation is the Only Cause
by David Dvorak

Even if only to give slight reprieve

 Incendiaries must be well placed

 Innocents directed first to retrieve

 Laying all research facilities to waste

 A hair closer to end of animal abuse

 Still seen as an animal liberation win

 Even ending more circus animal use

 Some now bringing animal liberation

      - to the abusive research destructive spin

 Landing blow after blow til this abusive demise

 We also open more eyes to this atrocious evil

 Day after day watching more liberation arise

 Truce to this never ending war never possible

 Reserving the right to get violent with no end in sight

 Calling for even government support

       - only to fall on deaf ears

 Peaceful living for all animals being their right

 The battles only resuming known

      - even to be if for eternal years


Full liberation of every animal our main cause

 Until this seemingly impossible event

       - we will fight without pause

5.26.18.                                                  ~ dmd 

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