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Freedom for Birds


author unknown

A tall forest tree is a cockatoo's home
So why must I stay in this cage all alone?
I'm bored, sad and lonely with nothing to do,
Each day is the same with the very same view.

I watch the birds soaring high over the trees
And I long to fly with them aloft on the breeze,
Seeing new places each wondrous new day,
Swirling and twirling in glorious play.

Just one week ago a stranger passed by,
She saw me and knew that a bird longs to fly.
She asked if you'd think about setting me free.
You said, 'This bird's special', and wouldn't agree.

Well if I am special please think how I feel.
I'm not a stuffed toy, I'm alive and I'm real.
I'm not made of stone, I have feeling's like you.
Life's not just for human's this world is mine too.

So now I am hoping and praying you'll see
That to love a thing truly you must set it free,
For it matters not whether you're big or you're small,
A life without freedom is no life at all.

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