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Fork in the Road

"Fork in the Road"
by David Dvorak

All for the sake of neanderthalic greed,
Where countless sentient lives
Are needlessly taken
For consumption, clothing
& purely sadistic brutality
Companies near corner the market
On ill gotten gains.
Brainwashing most of the general public
Through the media riddled
With the same deceit.
Actions taken to counter this deceit
Have deemed many of us terrorists.
Hoping that more will stand with me,
Believing in this fight,
"Terrorist" has now become a name
I am more than happy to embrace.
Many paths remain to combat this deceit
Sharing the truth through protest,
Petitions, destruction of property
Of these industries of death
While others even go to the extreme
Of inflicting personal harm.
The fact remains,
No matter the path one takes,
Countless sentient lives
Are taken every day.
The path you take now,
Will not define you
But may help save
At least one life if not more.

11.15.2012 -dmd

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