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Forget Me Not
by Kathryn Sousa

My owner's were to pick me up,
 but they never came -  it was just my luck.

I've lived here since I was a young pup;
 I was brought here by an awful white truck.

Prospective families come and go,
 as I have these feelings of despair and woe.

They act like they don't see me there,
 as I sit and wonder why they don't care.

Oh what I would do for a big juicy steak,
 the food here doesn't taste so great.

I just want to find a nice home,
 a family I can call my own.

Here they come - it's my lucky day,
 my family has come to take me away.

Hold on buddy, your going the wrong way;
 you've taken a turn down a dreadful hallway.

We came upon a metal door;
 I felt my heart hit the floor.

As I laid on that cold metal table,
 I knew those old dogs weren't telling a fable.

They took my collar away from me,
 and I asked myself "How can this be?".

I knew something wasn't right,
 because it was so very late at night.

As I closed my eyes to go to sleep,
 I started to count those fluffy white sheep.

I think about what little life I've had,
 and why it has to end so bad.

Why does it have to end this way,
 they were suppose to pick me up today.

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