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For Alfy

For Alfy
by Maria Daines

A little friend on tiny feet

One that I was glad to meet

A cheeky face and glowing eyes

A rescue dog, his mother's pride

I knew you'd lived a happy life

Far from early pain and strife

So long ago, at one month old

Moonflower took you into the fold

She nurtured you with caring hands

Including you in all her plans

You saw the wounded as they came

One by one, lost, stranded, lame

You gave them courage, shared your space

Your toys and food, your quiet place

You watched them heal with love and care

Knowing you had once been there

And through it all your days were bright

With kindness, fun and peaceful nights

You felt the warmth of family ties

And knew your trust was recognised

Days rolled past to golden years

Tonight our smiles turn to tears

For you have journeyed to the rainbow's end

And over the bridge you will meet old friends

You will know who needs a gentle paw

For you have been at danger's door

You know how it feels when the world seems blue

Because you rescued the lonely too

A dog in a million, a warrior soul

If only time didn't take its toll

You will never be forgotten, your heart lives on

For those you loved, a special bond

Sleep safe little Alfy, a blessing of joy

And know that your spirit is with us sweet boy.

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