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The Final Journey and Beyond

by Cirila Toplak
Open my eyes. Get up. Hungry. Drink milk. Mama smells love
Doors open. Loud. Fear. Pulled out. Mama! Mama!
Smell different air. Cold. Light so bright. No cover. Fear
Pushed up. Hear others cry. Move fast. Loud. Cold. Thirst
Pulled off. Pushed on. Hear others cry. Smell fear. Smell death. Mama! Mama!
Pull away. Run! See open door. Run out! Loud. Smells. Fear. Run! Run!
Fall in a hole. Pain. Rope on my neck. Smell anger. Smell pity? Pulled up
Loud. Pain. Pushed back inside. Smell death. Fear. Fear
Squeezed hard. Hear others cry. No air. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain
Fall into dark
Eyes still open
From under dozens of carcasses in the dark pit of a well hidden slaughterhouse
I am dark energy now
I am universal consciousness
And I see you
I see you from the butcher's window
I see you from the market shelve
I’m on your plate
I’m inside you now, animal cemetery
You’re thinking economic growth and population growth and personal growth
While the fastest growing units are your cancer cells

Dr. Cirila Toplak
Izredna profesorica / Associate Professor
za družbene vede / Faculty of Social Sciences
v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana
Kardeljeva ploščad 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,

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