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Fighting the industries' illogic

by David Dvorak

Fighting the industries' illogic
    End justifying the means sometimes our only choice
Never relenting at being more than just their voice
     Defending sentients freedom from more than harm alone
Jeopardizing our own freedom to secure their own
     Ubiquity being one of our greatest advantage
Subversion of all ill willed fighting them on a rampage
      Teaching future generations the mistakes of the past
Illegal actions we have taken as long as the torture & abuse will last
      Functioning best in small cells to avoid ever being caught
Intensely fighting the industries til the illogic of their ways are taught
      Eliminating obstacles constantly being thrown in our face
Systematically narrowing down the playing field into waste
      Taking down one evil only to see ten more rise
Heading into each battle always fighting with vigilant eyes
      Endeavoring to fulfill all hopes to free them all
Making every effort to answer every cry for help and every call
      Extreme fight to end their slaughter never seeming to end
Alleviating as much pain as possible as well as those on the mend
     Nearing closer to the time to introduce many a molitov
Seeing not many other choices than violence through an AK Kalashnikov

12.11.14.                                                                   ~dmd

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