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Fight Back and Resist

"Fight back and resist"
by David Dvorak

Ascending to their own higher level of hell
Forgetting all animals have a right to live
Never believing they deserve to exist in peace
Idiotic belief to harm and maim the innocent
Disasters self-inflicted denied as if done by others
Grounded in the desire for all to be free
Rest assured the guilty will suffer and pay
Here the dilemma begins the near eternal fight
Even the all powerful U.S. believes this is their right
Testing both faith & resilience
Saddened by the many images of animal slaughter & pain
Blood red filling my eyes when feeling this rage
Impaling the morons that stupidly stand against us
Any opposition standing against us will only crumble and fail
Speaking & showing the truth of their monstrous acts
Challenging our souls to exact the many needed punishments
Taking on one enemy after another
Keeping our own heads & hearts together watching the guilty suffer

1.18.14 -by dmd

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