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I wanted to write something that might open up eyes to the horror of vivisection and Proctor and Gamble.

Fight Against Vivisection
Crystal Breaux

He's just a sweet little monkey,
He doesn't understand why,
The people in the lab coats hurt him,
Or why they make him cry.

He sits in his cage quietly,
Careful not to bother anyone,
Still they always scream and slap him,
Sometimes he wonders if they think it's fun.

He never asked to be here,
He wishes he could go home,
He prays that when they cause him pain,
They would just leave him alone.

He tries not to vomit on them,
When they shove tubes down his throat,
They force chemicals into his mouth,
That make his tiny stomach bloat.

He really wants his mommy,
To hold him in her arms,
So he could finally be free of pain,
And his body they would no longer harm.

But he will be tortured daily,
And he will always be alone,
He wants you to know when you buy P&G,
His suffering you condone.


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