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Fear Now Residing Within the Heartless

"Fears now residing within the heartless"
by David Dvorak

  Wills cold & hard as steel
Hallowed souls of the voiceless
  Equality weakened by sheer insensitivity
Needlessly shallow to their guilty core
  Airing their cruelty over both tv and web
Laughing as they watch the innocent scream and cry
  Leveling the playing field in masks and tools
Entering through window, door & wall
  Liberating all their main goal
Smashing tools of computers & demise
  Engulfing all entire buildings
Flames erasing any trace of their entry & exit
  Aspiring only to set all free
Itching only to do the same for more
  Leaving one battle only to go to the next
Souls with passion correcting the wrongs of the soulless

1.12.14     -dmd

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